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Upcoming exhibitions and fairs

21-23 September 2019

Fête des Plantes - Saint Jean de Beauregard

the Autumn Plants Festival will bloom at the Château de Saint-Jean de Beauregard. Located less than 30 minutes south of Paris in lush greenery, the estate will welcome nearly 250 exhibitors who will offer an incomparable selection of plants. Trees, shrubs, bulbous plants, grasses, vines, roses and rare perennials will be within everyone's reach.

6-9 June 2019

Journée des Plantes et Arts du Jardin - Jossigny

The Rendez-vous of professionals and amateurs of the urban garden and outdoor design.

22-24 November 2019

Journée des Plantes - Chantilly

For over 30 years, the reference event in the garden world, born in Courson and passed on to Chantilly in 2015, bringing together 200 exhibitors in the majestic park of Domaine de Chantilly.

12 et 13 Octobre 2019

Les Botaniques de Chaumont-sur-Loire

La première exposition-vente de plantes, Les Botaniques de Chaumont-sur-Loire, se déroulera le week-end des 12 et 13 octobre 2019 dans l’allée des Ormeaux, ancienne allée cavalière du Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire.

26-27 October 2019

Journée des Plantes - Varengeville

Just a step away from Dieppe, Varengeville-sur-mer brings together a dozen exceptional nurserymen for a day dedicated to botany and garden. The 2019 edition offers a conference and garden tours in this beautiful village of Haute-Normandie.

Exhibited work

serre légère
Les Jardins de la chéraille

5, la Chéraille

78120 Sonchamp

serre juliana
Horticulture et Jardins

5 Sentier des Freculs

95390 Saint-Prix

Grande serre en bois
Jardinerie de Chevreuse

84 rue de Rambouillet

78460 Chevreuse

serre vitrage verre
Tellier Paysage

30 Chemin de la madeleine

80120 Rue

serre en verre
Bricomarché Abbeville

3 Grande rue de Thuison

80100 Abbeville