An innovative concept 

Our core mission is to design quality, aesthetically-pleasing and environmentally friendly greenhouses. Our innovative design grants a lean and balanced aesthetics to our greenhouses while guaranteeing they remain both stable and robust.


Using our own original concept, the various elements of the framework are connected by polycarbonate synthetic panes which ensures proper wind-bracing. This particularly modern patented system was inspired by aircraft design.                        

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Quality Materials

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We combine several types of natural and rot-proof woods - such as larch wood for the frame or treated pine wood for the baseplate - with other technological materials - such as UV-resistant synthetic glass (polycarbonate) or zinc-nickel alloy plating metallic parts to ensure durability. 


Stress-concentration points are reinforced by metal plates thus solidifying the wooden frame. The model was conceived to maximise the greenhouse’s resistance to wind and snow. The metallic parts are made of zinc-nickel and processed through laser cutting. They are as rust-proof as stainless steel. 

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Our smart passive ventilation system

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Our system uses thermostatic oil cylinders to allow for the roof of greenhouse to automatically open when the temperature exceeds 17°C. Since polycarbonate is a highly flexible material, it allows for such an automatic process and avoids any risk of overheating.

French-manufacturing and minimized ecological footprint

Our greenhouses are manufactured in the Baie de Somme by craftsmen specialized in exterior woodworking since 1923. Our industrial circuit is short and direct since most of our partners are located in the industrial basin of Vimeu. 


Our concept allows us to diminish the quantity of materials used without damaging the robustness of our greenhouses. For example, our ‘Cléophée’ model only uses 82kg of glazing whereas an equivalent ordinary glass greenhouse would usually require 344 kg. As for the wood, it continues absorbing CO2 all through its growth and thus contributes towards a positive impact on the environment.

An additional room…

salon de jardin

Whether you simply want to grow plants and enhance your garden by using an aesthetically-pleasing and weather-resistant space, or create your own winter-garden without the usual restrictions of a conservatory, HELIO’s greenhouses are the soundest of options.

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